It's time to stop playing small.

It's time to stop

playing small.

I believe we are all here to do incredible things.


So many people have dreams and desires to do the incredible but never get there.

Maybe you've let the stress of life slow you down.

It's possible that you've allowed the judgement and criticism from others got into your mind and disrupt your self-confidence.

Perhaps you have dreams and goals, you just haven't made a plan to make it happen.

It's likely you have become comfortable and found a routine, that while not your dream situation, provides routine and just enough.


You're not alone. Statistics show that over half of all women give up on their dreams.


I want this blog and website to motivate, inspire and encourage you to live your best life.  Life is too short to settle. Realize your dreams and go after them!

Create Your Best Life!



I'm Becky.


I'm a lot of things, but when I think about who I am at my core, I will tell you that I am a dreamer and a believer.

I believe that we all have the ability to Create A Life We Love.

I dream that women will come to realize their power and ability to do anything their heart desires.

I've had a successful career in sales, technology and education.  On paper, I had checked off many of my goals.  The six-figure salary. The beautiful home.  The husband and kids (and dog!).  We were afforded multiple vacations a year. We had a pretty great life by all accounts. 

But I realized something.


One day I woke up and said enough. 

I was simple trading time - and my life - for dollars.


I was tired of traveling every week.  The TSA agents at my airport knew me by name.  I knew this was a problem.

In addition to traveling, I was working 60+ hours a week.


I gained a lot of weight and no longer had time to do the activities I enjoyed.


I missed school events, family gatherings, and important moments that I was no longer willing to sacrifice.

I knew things needed to change.


And so, they did.

I went from over-worked, tired, unhappy corporate executive to a multiple six-figure entrepreneur with thriving businesses that are growing year over year and I'm working less hours than ever!

Most important, however, I had a renewed passion to help others achieve their goals, and create their best life,

also known as creating a Life By Design.

Create Your Best Life | Increase Your Confidence | Unlock Your Potential


Create Your Best Life


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