About me



I'm Becky.

I used to always struggle when I would have to provide an introduction about who I am.  Looking back, the struggles were there because I was not living my true, authentic self.  I was trying to fit into a mold of what others expected me to be life.  I was listening to so-called business leaders and experts who said I needed to do business a certain way, post online x number of times per day, and flood my pages with product information and promos.

I had enough.  I wanted to do business my way.  A ways that made me feel good at the end of the day.  I didn't like the things I was seeing in my newsfeed and people trying to copy and paste to sell.  

And so, in deciding to do things my way, I've created my very best life.  A life I love and enjoy with incredible gratitude every single day.  

Other things to know about me...

I'm a mom. Wife. Coach. Mentor. Business Owner. Teacher. Goal-Achiever. A work from home (or anywhere) I want boss. Traveler. Friend. Daughter. Author. Course Creator. Athlete. Believer. Woman who knows her worth.

I have two children. Life is busy.  They are both very active in school, soccer, dance, basketball, tumbling, volleyball, music lessons, drama lessons, cheerleading and more! They are quirky, fun, a​mazing little humans that I'm very proud of. But with all that goodness, don't get me wrong... they are strong-willed, stubborn, talkative, opinionated, and dare I say it, a lot like me (which stubborn, talkative and opinionated isn't always a recipe for smooth sailing). I read somewhere that strong-willed kids become great leaders. Okay, Harvard, I'll be sending them to you when the time comes and I hope you'll help me make these two world changers someday!

I've been married to my husband Will since 2001.  We met in college where we both played on our college basketball team. Some of my best memories were from my days traveling, playing basketball, practicing for hours at a time, and flirting with that cute 6'6" guy from Alaska! A great husband, business partner, friend and life partner... I couldn't ask for more.

I lived in Alaska for nearly 10 years which is where my husband is from.  I now live in Boise, Idaho which is where I was born & raised.  I love the outdoors, traveling, new adventures, a drive to view the sunset, hiking, fishing, photography and cycling classes (from home with my beloved Peloton -- I know you'll probably end up having to hear about Peloton on my blog a lot. Sorry, not sorry!).

I've been fortunate to work from my home office (or anywhere, really) since 2006.  This was the year my son was born, and also the year I vowed to never, ever, ever have to work a 8-5 conventional "office" job ever again.  And I haven't.  I've created opportunities that allow me to work from home, around my kid's schedules, while we spend summers in Alaska, etc.  I'm a firm believer in work smarter, not harder and that same philosophy aligns with how I schedule my day and my life.  I'll work really, really, really hard for a couple hours, but then I'm probably going to need a gym break, lunch date with my hubby, couple hours at the pool, or a walk with the dog. It's why I've created my business to fit in to my life.  I work to live not live to work, and there is a very big difference!

Traveling is my passion, my life, everything I work for (okay, maybe the mortgage and kids' college fund as well).  I love to travel. Part of the fun for me is planning, researching, dreaming and building a really amazing itinerary.  We've been debating homeschooling the kids so that we can travel more. Do you? Tell me about the pros and cons! I genuinely want to hear!

Disney, oh Disney! I'm just going to tell you right now I'm the ultimate Disney fan and I cannot help it. My first visit to Disneyland was when I was 2 months old, so I'm going to blame my parents for this obsessive behavior.  In reality though, I've always been inspired by the history of Walt Disney, how he built his company, his creative genius, grit, focus, and desire to create experiences for guests.  More so than all of that, the ability to continually innovate and improve.  It's awe-inspiring to me and motivates me to do better in my business. Anything Disney is a family favorite for us.  We travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line as often as we can.

A couple more things...

I'm a PhD dropout.  It's not something that I'm particularly proud of, but after completing my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Liberal Arts, followed by a Masters in Education Administration, I thought that my next step would be a doctorate degree.  I realized during my doctorate program that my dreams and vision for my future we slightly different than what the PhD was going to provide.  I think I'm a much happier person now days since I followed my passions vs. what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  It's not to say I won't go back to pursue additional academic credentials in the future, but it's key for me to do it when the timing is right.


I've committed the last several years of my life focusing on personal development and building coaching programs that inspire women to create their best life.  Although I found 'success' professionally I was not fulfilled until I was able to live ​purposefully and authentically, in a way that would allow me to live my work and help women shine, step out of their comfort zone and live passionately.

I'm inspired by stories of every day people going after their dreams. I'm happiest when I'm with people I love. I'm encouraged by kindness. I'm committed to living each day to the fullest and creating a life that I can be proud of. 

I always say that people are my passion and that's the truth.  I love stories, experiences, laughter, and everything that makes up the amazing life we've all been provided.  I hope that as you follow my blog, participate in a course, join an event or training, you'll become a part of this tribe of amazing human beings.

I look forward to getting to know you and I honestly, truly mean that. Through the  years I have realized that there is nothing that matters more than these personal relationships. So, please, accept this invitation to get to know one another whether it be in real life - or virtually, for the time being.

So much love,

I am an affiliate marketer and blogger that receives compensation from the companies who products I review or share online. This blog is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.