Busy or Productive?

I always have great intentions of starting a blog. I really feel like I have a lot of life experiences and content that would be great for social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. But when it comes to making it a priority to sit down and write or record, I get disorganized and I struggle to stay focused. I think it's really important to share this weakness of mine because I continually get complimented on how impressed people are that I can get through so much in a day, week, month, etc. It's true, I do a lot. But I also fail to do the things that are important to me because I start focusing on everything else around me. So, I'm really sorry that I made the commitment to blog frequently, only to fail. But I also believe that admitting that I haven't been the best at what I intended is the first step to organizing my goals and getting myself back on track. I saw this quote online and - bam! - it definitely resonated with me.

Moving forward it's not about just feeling a schedule to be busy. It's about prioritizing the schedule to do the things that make progress, improve happiness, and are a step forward in my goals.

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