Finding the confidence to say yes

I've had this topic on my mind for awhile now. I speak to women on a near daily basis who say, "I wish I could be great at sales" or "I wish I had the confidence to do what you do." It is always one of those conversations that leaves me puzzled and wondering how I can help women see their true abilities. I never felt like I had a mentor or role model to guide me through the struggles I endured early in my career and as I've matured in my career as a sales professional I know how critical it is. It's essential to have someone cheering you on, coaching you, holding you to higher standards, and helping you see what your potential is. First, let me just say that I am not an outgoing person by nature. I'm very much a person who prefers curling up with a book and staying home rather than a scene with a lot of people and I have to socialize. I'm sure that caught some of you off guard as most people assume I'm a very social and outgoing person. It's a skill that I've had to work at improving and being aware of my weaknesses has certainly helped me to take steps find ways to be the best I can in front of clients. Have you ever felt that you can't do something because you aren't good at it right now? Of course you have. We've all felt inadequate at some point in our life.

So, how do you gain the confidence to say yes and pursue your dream?

You're going to hate this answer, especially since you have read this far. You say yes and you do it. Simple. You go for it. You realize that it's not going to be perfect the first time. You probably won't even be near perfect after many times. But you say yes and you give it your best. And every single woman's best is different, so I want you to stop comparing yourself to others right now. Stop it. Go for it. And don't look back.

There you have it. My secret is really no secret at all. There are so many things I say yes to and I do that scare the crap out of me. But I do it because I have a philosophy that I cannot grow if I don't challenge myself. You are capable. You are worthy. You are brilliant.

You are strong. You are intelligent. Stop telling yourself all the things that you can't do or how bad you are at a certain task. The number one way that you can gain more confidence is to keep doing the things that scare you. Say yes, figure out how to overcome, and along the way you will grow and do things that you never thought you would ever be able to do. I believe in you. It's time for you to believe in you too. Becky

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