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Hey Friends ~

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm guilty.

I used to be one of those "write down every new year's resolution and map out a plan for every single day to make sue I do it" kind of people on January 1st....

I'd have a resolution for losing weight, drinking tons of water, exercising every single day (or twice a day), eating clean 100% until I got to said weight...

Then, nonetheless, here would come my best friend's birthday, an anniversary party, company holiday party (we celebrate after the holidays), Taco Tuesday, parties for the kids and by February it was like I'd never made any resolutions at all. :-(

Sound familiar??? (I don't judge! Remember -- I used to be the queen of this!)

It wasn't until I started digging deeper into my mindset that I actually started sticking with my goals. And REACHING them!! (Putting that undergrad Psychology degree to work!!). This is why I've created The Ultimate Goal Guide: It's Time to Take Control!

Because to be honest, the cycle of starting and stopping goals over and over again doesn't have to be like that anymore. Once I started weighing in on my surroundings and thinking about my values, skills, and passions -- I actually became committed to my goals.

Once I held myself accountable and used a group of like-minded friends to hold me accountable - I started showing up for my goals.

And once I started taking baby steps every single day - I started reaching my goals!! And we're talking both personal and professional here! So, yes, you read that right....start with BABY STEPS!!

2021 is going to be a marathon. Not a sprint. This Ultimate Goal Guide is going to hone in on EXACTLY how to get you committed, showing up, and reaching your goals by taking things one day at a time.

I know we are already halfway through January (how!?) but it is time to take control and your first step in opening up your FREE goal guide and start thinking about all YOU want out of 2021!

I can't wait for you to get started -- and once you've downloaded it, send me a message! Let me know what you're working towards and let's keep each other accountable!!

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