It's been awhile...#Last90Days

It's been awhile and I don't really have an excuse. I guess if I was to try to make up an excuse it is that life has been busy. Busy isn't really the right word to describe the past few months. I've been growing. I've been learning.

I've been reading. A LOT.

A couple of my recent favorite books:

Boss Up by Lindsay Teague Moreno and the brand new release by Robert Iger, The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as the CEO of Walt Disney Company

I've been working hard and reaching new goals in my professional career. I've been achieving quotes, developing new relationships, building my network, having some great success, and having a few moments of "oh well, let's try something different."

I've been living the Code Red Lifestyle and losing weight, getting healthier, and feeling like my old self (I'm sure I'll share more in other blog posts). Learn about the 10 Pound Takedown here, which started my love for this lifestyle and gave me my life back!). I've been riding my Peloton, attending CycleBar classes, joined a new gym (owned by Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong), and achieving new goals related to fitness. I've been playing with my kids, helping them with all the back-to-school joys, attending their sporting events and practices. I'm now a dance-soccer-cheer-basketball-band-cross country-volleyball mom....and it's fun -- and a bit exhausting (another fundraiser, anyone ;-)).

I went to the Garth Brooks concert in Boise and took my daughter. If you know me well, you know I'm the #1 Garth Brooks fan and a concert at Boise State University's Albertsons Stadium was was #bucketlist :-)

I got a new puppy. We rescued a sweet little Border Collie and named her Willow. So, adding a new puppy to the family means potty training, some sleep interruptions, and trying to get our older pup, Baylee, to stop being so jealous of the new addition.

We've traveled. A lot. I can't give you all the cities, states, and regions we've visited since I last blogged, but traveling fills my soul and it's been a few months of wonderful memories. I love meeting people, trying new foods, visiting new cities, learning about the history and architecture of new places, and l just love sharing all these memories with my family.

We've added to our businesses at Treasure Valley Photo Booth and Idaho Photo Bus. Lots of fun announcements that will be shared soon - or have been shared.

I've continued to build an at home business with a company and brand that I love. I've been able to welcome new people to the company, mentor them, and watch as they, too, have built a successful business all while living out their passions and building a life that they truly love. This is what sets me on fire! I'm sure there is so much more and I'm likely missing a lot of things...

So, to say I've been busy is an understatement. I think I should say instead, I've been living. And it's been a really good, fun, exciting and enjoyable few months. But I've been meaning to blog more. And I love doing it. So here I am with just over 90 days left in 2019. I'm getting really intentional about how I want to end this year and what goals I want to accomplish. Rachel Hollis has a great group she organizes every year called the #last90days and I just got my journal in the mail. I want to encourage you to participate, or at the very least, work on some goals that you want to get laser focused on accomplishing. It amazes me how the older we get the year just flies by faster and faster. I think because of the speed life is moving it is so important to journal and find time to focus on goals, whether it be personal, health, professional, relationships, etc.

My #Last90Days Journal Arrived Today!!! :-)

I promise to write more and I've got a lot of fun things that will be rolling out soon. I've been working with a business coach because I've had so many thoughts and ideas in my head for years and just needed help getting them out of my head and onto paper (or a computer screen). So, be on the lookout for all that is coming! In the meantime, comment below if you are planning on participating in the last 90 days and let's race towards those goals together!


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