Travel Essentials: My Favorite passport holder

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

There are two things I really, really, really love (besides my kids, husband & dog, of course!).

Rose Gold and Traveling

I especially love traveling and dream of tropic places when Idaho winters start to feel like they've been lasting FOREVER.

With that being said, as a frequent flyer and traveler, I always get asked some of my favorite travel essentials and so, I thought, why not share!

Let's start with my passport holder because....rose gold! ;-)

I bought this passport holder wallet from Amazon almost 2 years ago but it is still in near perfect condition. It's traveled over 100,000 miles in 2016 & 2017 while keeping my passport, health insurance card and credit card well protected.

What I love about this case:

*It's stylish & compact

*Case is designed specifically for passports and has room for credit cards, business cards, etc.

*Has United States Great Seal Logo on front cover - added design and US pride!

*If I have a paper boarding pass, I can fold it up and keep it safe inside

*Amazon....Hello, free Prime 2 day shipping.

*Cost - it was affordable at only $7.50!

What I don't love:

I personally have no complaints and I'm not hard on things so it has held up really well since I first bought it. However, a couple of things I have heard through Amazon reviews are that the case doesn't always stay closed or lay flat, there is not a lot of space, and color variations are different from photo to actual product.

Where to get it?

Amazon, of course! I'm an Amazon junkie. I love the quick shipping, the price point, and the option to choose from about 10 different colors.

Here's the link to check out the color options and order:

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