I have a subscription box addiction. I'm not even kidding. Every month I get several pretty boxes filled with goodies ranging from makeup, beauty supplies, accessories, and lifestyle items. I love them! Makes my days fill a little bit like a special occasion when they arrive on my doorstep! Well, this addiction to subscription boxes as been passed along to my 6 year old daughter. MJ recently saw that there was a Disney-themed subscription box and we were all over that! If you know anything about our family, we are Disney obsessed! We travel to Walt Disney World at least once a year for a couple weeks from Boise, Idaho. We've debated moving to Orlando to be closer to the Mouse, but it's just not a possibility at this time, so we have to live vicariously through others. As soon as we saw Walt Life boxes and we could get a little bit of Disney magic delivered to our doorstep every month, we were all over that! They have several options you can choose from and what I really loved about our shopping experience with them is that they allow you to choose whether the box is for a girl, boy, or if you'd like a neutral box delivered. So you really get to customize your purchase.


The Magic Box is $39 and features a minimum of 4+ mystery items directly from Walt Disney World!

MAGIC BOX - Features a minimum of 4+ mystery items directly from Walt Disney World!


The Magic Plus Box is the box that MJ got and we all loved it! Super cute and she was so happy with everything she got inside. It's $48 and features 1+ Disney Parks Item and 4+ mystery items directly from Walt Disney World.

MAGIC PLUS BOX - Features 1+ Disney Parks Item & 4+ Mystery Items


Okay, this box looks fun and I imagine getting this one shipped for months where MJ has a special occasion (birthday, school event, celebration, etc.). It's $79 and includes 3+ Disney Parks items and 3+ mystery items.

KINGDOM BOX - Features 3+ Disney Parks Items and 3+ Disney Mystery Items


Okay, this box looks super fun as well! Let's all just be really honest and admit that part of the fun of going to a Disney Park is all the amazing and nostalgic snacks you get to partake in! The Snack Box is $59 and includes 5+ Disney Parks snacks in it.

SNACK BOX - Features 5+ Disney Parks Snacks

Final Thoughts

Part of the magic of Disney is seeing your children light up at the sight of Mickey, the castle, or enjoying their favorite ride! While we couldn't physically be at a Disney Park at this time, I got to experience that pure joy and excitement in MJ's eyes as she opened her box. She was truly excited and I think that it made her feel really special to get her very own mail delivery. Was it worth it? Yes, absolutely! The items that were delivered were priced well and I know I got my money's worth.

I loved that there is free shipping, skip a month feature, and an opportunity to win a Disney vacation. Let's hear your thoughts... Comment below on if you have ever received a Walt Life Box or are planning on ordering one.

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