What I'm reading this week: 10/8/18

I love to share books and resources I use to help me in business, life, relationships, entrepreneurship, and so forth. This week I'm reading a wonderful book by a woman I came across due to mutual friends in Boise. Natasha Hazlett is a business coach and author and her 21-Day Challenge, along with her book Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives has been instrumental in helping me with move forward with some of my business goals and dreams.

How many of us have big dreams and feel like we are meant for more, only to let fear and self-doubt creep in? I think the majority of us have those same sentiments. It's common for us to be scared to jump in, put ourselves out there, and take risks. This book is everything you need to help get your mindset in the right place and start to have clarity around your life and goals.

Are you being called to do something BIG, but feel inadequate or unprepared to say yes?

It's time to throw back a shot of courage, learn to tackle fear and self-doubt like a BOSS, and transform lives as only YOU can!

I read this book in April 2018 and am re-reading it again this week because I'm deep in the process right now of making decisions that impact my business, and ultimately my life. It's scary and makes me nervous. I question my abilities and I wonder why I have this dream. Why can't I just be comfortable and settle? Why can't I just be content with where I'm at right now? After all, I am living a life that I'm incredibly proud of and love. I have no complaints. I've come to realize that these dreams and nudges aren't just a goal. These are the steps necessary for me to live in my purpose. Natasha says something in the book that is so profound and reminds me that I need to do whatever necessary to go after my dreams. She says, "when you make a leap of faith, know that God will provide what you need."

"When you make a leap of faith, know that God will provide what you need." -Natasha Hazlett

I recommend this book for any woman is can't stop thinking about what she wants to do with her life. Maybe you aren't quite sure that that something is yet, but you know you are called to do more. I promise you that when you read this book and apply the concepts to your life and business, you'll have more focus, clarity, excitement and confidence around the amazing things you were made to do! PS - I also encourage you to participate in the 21-Day Challenge! I participated in April 2018 and I think I'm prepared to jump in and participate again before the end of the year (Next challenge begins November 27!). Personal growth comes from challenging yourself and taking the steps to learn as much as you can about your strengths, weaknesses, motivation, etc. You can learn more here: Unstoppable Influence 21-Day Challenge with Natasha Hazlett


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