Wishing or planning

One of my favorite things about my beloved Mac is that every morning when I open Google Chrome I am greeted with a quote of the day. Now, if you've known me long, you know that quotes are my thing. Anything that gives me a kick in the pants in the morning and helps me dream bigger, work harder, and see things through a positive lens fill me with joy. This morning's quote: "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." This lovely quote by Eleanor Roosevelt came at just the perfect time! I've been focusing on being very intentional with my time as of late. No more wishing that things will get done. No more "going with the flow" and then complaining when the results are not where I want them to be. Don't get me wrong, I believe that sometimes spontaneity is a gift in itself, but if you have goals and you have dreams, you've really got to have a plan and work at it consistently in order for it to come to fruition. One of my favorite quotes (see, I told you!!) is "Luck is a matter or preparation meeting opportunity." Wishing is great! I was the kid who sat in a classroom constantly daydreaming about my future and the things I wanted in life. But I also realize, more so than ever, that wishes and dreams must be followed by work and preparation. For example. This blog. I've had this blog for 6 years. I've got maybe 10 posts. I have a vision for what I want my website to be like. I've got ideas that I want to implement. Until today, I didn't schedule time for my blog. Yesterday, on Monday (this would typically occur on Sunday but since it was Labor Day weekend, I made my planning day on Monday this week), I wrote down every appointment, practice, workout, business task, etc. that I will accomplish this week. Notice I said I will accomplish. Not maybe. Not I hope, not I am thinking about it. You see, if things are on a calendar you have to hold yourself accountable for accomplishing them. So this blog was a scheduled appointment. 8:30am on Tuesday 9/4. Yes, it did occur to me that I may have nothing to write about. This blog post today is a prime example that I have nothing to write about but I'm taking part in the process and letting the words flow. Sometimes we have to make the plan to do something and then allow some flexibility within the plan. Sometimes we have to take that first step even though we are terrified and trust that if we show up, things will work out. I think about the times I have been in business where I know that outcome and the result that I want to happen. Do I wish for a contract with a client? Do I wish for a certain salary annually? Sure, you can wish all you want, but in order for things to happen, you have to make a plan. If I know the outcome I am wishing for, I make a plan in order for that to happen. So, back to Mrs. Roosevelt's quote: "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." Keep wishing. Keep dreaming. Keep having a vision for what you want in your life. But if you are going to wish, make sure you are willing to make a plan in order for those wishes & dreams to come true! For without a plan, without organization, without the proper steps to make it happen, it will simply be a wish, and one that may or may not come true. I'd rather make my own luck, make a plan and be in charge of making those wishes come true! Love, Becky

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